Areas of Practice

The attorneys at Abdallah & Spring LPA are experienced in the following areas of practice:


The United States is a great place to live and do business.  We have rights and a standard of living that many other countries envy.  But current immigration laws can be complicated and the application process can be time consuming.

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Personal Injury

A serious injury can change a person’s life.  The pain and frustration that goes along with bodily harm deserves attention.  The U.S. legal system provides an environment that allows most injured people to be compensated by those that caused the harm.

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Criminal and Traffic Defense

Being charged with a criminal or traffic offense can be scary and confusing.  It is important to find someone that can explain your legal rights and options in everyday language that you can understand.

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Bankruptcy and Debt Management

Regardless of the source of your debt, we can help improve your financial situation.  If your situation does not necessitate a bankruptcy, we can explain options and strategies when dealing with debt.  Our office is a debt relief agency.

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Civil Representation

We help people and small businesses with various areas of civil law.  We assist new businesses establish a formal structure, we provide advice and representation regarding real estate issues, tax problems, liquor licensing, and various other legal dilemmas.

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Domestic Relations

Divorce is often the most stressful time in a person’s life. Determining child support, and custody details can deeply impact a child’s development. We handle domestic relation matters with an eye towards family harmony.

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